The Vampire's Curse (2011)
The Vampire's Curse (2011)
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0012812544 (ISBN13: 2940012812544)
S.J. Wright
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I hate to give this 2 stars, but while I'm interested in the story I just don't want to keep reading. Everything happens too fast. The entire time I'm reading I'm trying to figure out what the heck is going on, not the literal actions, but the why. A two second explanation is not motivation! I'll probably read the next book, but it seems like a chore.I really do enjoy the concept, but I wish there was more characterization and background so I can actually understand the characters, not just the situation. WRITING STYLE: 4.5PLOT: 4PROTAGONIST: 2.5CAPTURED MY INTEREST: 3.5ESCAPE FACTOR: 3.5OVERALL: 3.6Out of all the many vampire/paranormal books I've read there are by far the most beautifully writen. I don't like flowery, uber-illustrative descriptions, but the way Wright blends that in to her writing is gorgeous. I was unhappy with the direction she took Sarah - is she strong, is she weak, why is she sleeping with random people all of a sudden. I felt like her character got mangled and was not developed clearly in this book. I loved the switch over to Michael although I think his character was also not consistant with the first book, now he's touchy feely, good guy?I'm excited to read the last book and I really hope Wright fixes the main characters.
i am ready for book 3. i hope it comes out soon. the way book 2 ended just killed me.
I don't want to wait for the next one! So, Friday, here I come!
Loved it can't wait till # 3 comes out!
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