The Walls Of Troy (2014)
The Walls of Troy (2014)
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Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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I do not understand why I am apparently incapable of not not reading this author. I know better! It's generally more miss than hit and yet the blurbs always suck me in! This one was a struggle. There was such potential but the characters just didn't work for me, nor did the plot. So Troy is being threatened but he won't fess up to who is doing it or why, so his dad calls in favors and gets him a bodyguard, who promptly knows right away that something more is going on than just what Troy will say. And of course happens to fall for him even though he knows he shouldn't. That's where all the angst comes from. Not the stalker. Not the threats. Not the lies. It's all "We shouldn't do this. *make out* We really shouldn't do this. *has sex* This is a super bad idea. *makes out and has sex*" It's SO IRKSOME! You are over 30. MAKE A DECISION AND JUST ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES. The waffling is never a good look. Stalker turns out to be Troy's obsessed ex because DUH. There were a couple of a pluses that I did appreciate. I did like that Troy's military dad was just fine with Troy being gay. That's always nice. And I did like that Iskander gets his butt kicked twice by the stalker. I get tired of the super macho indestructible he-man. A sweet read without being too mushy. Lots of stuff is happening, being that there is a reason why Troy needed a bodyguard in the first place, but thankfully there was at last no drama or angst or miscommunication between the MC :)What disturbed me a little bit was Iskander's constant (it felt as if he says it every 4 pages) “we shouldn't be doing this“, while they do *it* anyway. Also Iskander being shy in front of the admiral while he's supposed to be a BAMF doesn't add up, especially considering that the admiral is a wonderful decent guy. Still I enjoyed myself immensely :)
4.5 stars. I was really into this, I couldn't put it down until I finished. I loved the ending!!
This book was read and reviewed by Carissa for Love Bytes Reviews!
I usually love LAW's books but this one was just okay.
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