The Warrior's Wife (2011)
The Warrior's Wife (2011)
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Steel Magnolia Press
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Domning is one if my favorites in medieval romance - I feel like I can't put it down, even though the plots tend to be thin. While this harbors just the right amount of historical cliché and steamy bits, it's her characters that sell me on Domning, and this one was no different. Rafe was charming, Kate the late-bloomer in terms of truly comprehending her place in the world, and while there were plenty of misunderstandings, I think in the end, the heart was served. So I'm satisfied. I would love to be able to say that I loved, or even liked, this book but I just cannot bring myself to. It's too shallow and I found the characters lacked depth. I found the climactic moment in the final chapters to have a too convenient solution that was just not realistic. What also got me was in the end there was a forced cliffhanger that had me questioning if this was a book in a series, and worse still, questioning if I really cared about what happened next even if it was.It's okay light reading, I just wouldn't recommend reading it unless the person was after something that didn't require too much thought.
Kate's internal struggle wore REALLY THIN after about 50 pages.
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