The Way Life Was Forever (2011)
The Way Life Was Forever (2011)
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I would not really recommend this book for anyone. Sure, I liked it a little, but it was quite short, and also kind of boring. And I didn't really understand Lyras or Perseus' personality. It didn't really have feeling. And I don't really understand how they felt that immediate connection. Again, it was really described well. Another thing I didn't get about this book, was how Lyra was automatically pregnant like that. There wasn't even an epilogue, it was just a paragraph in like 9 months. And they described the woods as small, so how would they just go off and live in the woods, wouldn't they be found in a small forest? Well anyway, I didn't really enjoy this book, and I wouldn't recommend it for anyone, other that people who enjoy confusing, short stories. I thought that this was a really beautiful short story. It's about two sides of life: Light and Dark. The Dark are called the Moonwalkers and they live there life completely in darkness. Well, they have artificial lights. It reminds me if City of Ember in that way. They fear the Sun-dwellers, which are the Light side. They have never experienced darkness before. As you can imagine, the Moonwalkers are quite pale and the Sun-dwellers are dark. Carey Corp has a beautiful writing style that I fell in love with. You can instantly imagine every thing she is describing.There was some insta-love, but it was written so well that it doesn't matter, it was a beautiful "love at first sight" story. It kind of has that Romeo and Juliet feel of how the Moonwalkers disapprove of the Sun-dwellers and visa versa. The only reason I rated it 4/5 intend of 5/5 is that I would have liked a more complete ending, but it was still beautiful.Totally recommend this, it will only take at most, a hour of your time.
this was a pretty good short story. I always find it silly how fast ya characters fall in love.
loved, loved, loved this book!!!
It was good. Kinda fast paced.
Review coming soon!
Very interesting.
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