The Way To Stay In Destiny - Audio (2000)
The Way to Stay in Destiny - Audio (2000)
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0545788692 (ISBN13: 9780545788694)
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If you liked Glory Be (and even if you didn't) read The Way to Stay in Destiny.Theo must learn to live in a community that isn't thrilled to have him and with an uncle that doesn't want him. His escape is in his music of which he can't understand his uncle's hatred. Who hates music? Theo itches to play the piano in his new place at the rooming house but his uncle forbids it. Over time Theo comes to terms with his uncle, makes a friend, gets lost in the music and finds a home but it's how he gets there that makes this one magical. A quick read that will have you cheering for Theo. The Way To Stay in Destiny by Augusta Scattergood Uncle Raymond, a Vietnam vet, takes charge of Theo after grandma is placed in a nursing home. Leaving everything behind, they move to Sister Grandersoul’s in Destiny, Florida. Humidity, a new school and Uncle Raymond’s rules snarl up Theo’s life; but Sister Grandersole (and her piano) help foil Uncle Raymond’s non-caring attitude. Theo discovers his mother's musical hopes for him—that his namesake is Thelonious Monk—which provides an emotional leg-up in ignoring Uncle Raymond’s no-piano rule. Meanwhile, gritty Annabel, who hates ballet and loves baseball, befriends Theo, as they share work on a school project about baseball in Destiny’s history. Scattergood pens just enough on Vietnam and PTSD issues to add to a youth reader’s understanding. The author details strong-minded characters--strong enough to evolve into a series.
Powerful historical fiction post Vietnam. Ends a bit too tidy for 5 stars but a great read.
Augusta Scattergood does it again. Absolutely delightful.
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