The Wedding Soup Murder (2014)
The Wedding Soup Murder (2014)
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The Wedding Soup Murder is the second book in Rosie Genova's Italian Kitchen mystery series, featuring a sassy, Jersey Shore heroine, a captivating Italian-American family and more bodies than they know what to do with. Genova's books are filled with tasty Italian treats and plenty of family drama to balance out each whodunit. Readers who are looking for a mystery that will tantalize the palette, as well as, energize the mind, will love this one!What I liked:Victoria has returned home to the Jersey Shore to write a new book. But she isn't looking to write the next great mystery. She wants to learn to cook. And be a part of the family business for a little while as she looks for inspiration, but what she finds is a whole lot of sleuthing going on. I love Genova's heroine for this series. Vic is spontaneous and over the top. She has sass and spunk and all those things every young Italian woman should possess. Her interactions with her family, especially her nonna are fun and full of surprises. Her former ex working right along side her also gives another dimension to the story. Genova has created a great heroine that readers will want more and more of. When Vic and family are set to cater a wedding reception at the local country club, the fun begins. I loved the behind the scenes tidbits about catering and actually making Italian Wedding Soup, now I want to go to an authentic Italian restaurant and try it. When a story makes you want to go beyond the book, you know it was a good one! I had a great time being a fly on the wall with all of the chef personalities and eccentricities flying. It made for a great atmosphere for a mystery. Lots of great suspects including a friend of Vic's family, Dr. Chickie. It was up to Vic to prove him innocent. Genova does a great job of balancing the mystery against the family dynamic of this great Italian-American family. I found myself not only trying to solve the mystery that was currently going on, but wanting to figure out a way to get Vic back together with her ex and even solving the problems between her brother Danny and his wife, who happens to be Vic's partner in crime, so to speak. This book is as much about family, as it is about murder and that made all the difference. Genova is definitely on the right track with this series. Bottom Line:This mystery had all the right elements to make it great. The mystery of what happened to the country club president, was well thought out. It had plenty of suspects and the clues, while easy to follow, did not make the killer obvious. The Rienzi family was a pleasure to read about. Getting to know them was just as fun figuring out the whodunit. Great balance, a fantastic heroine and one over the top Italian family. Great addition to the series. Dollycas’s ThoughtsAnother winner from this author. I was spoiled by being to read both books in this series back to back.I have fallen hard for the whole Rienzi family. They are all back. The romantic triangle/tension continues to evolve between Vic, her old boyfriend Tim and carpenter Cal. Nonna is still keeping her family in check and strongly guiding them to her way of thinking. All the characters are growing as we get to know them better.In this installment we meet the chefs at the Belmont Country Club and let’s just say I would rather spend time with chef Gordon Ramsey:) These chefs are extremely temperamental and are not happy having outsiders in their kitchen. When the Club President is found dead there are plenty of suspects including the chefs and the father of the bride.I was very impressed with the way Genova weaves the mystery into the Rienzi family subplots. It is seamless. Having a mystery writer as the protagonist just blends everything together deliciously, like a masterful piece of Italian lasagna, with plenty of layers. This breathes life into the characters and makes the jump off the pages.As with the first story the descriptions and talk of the food made me so hungry. Again I appreciate the recipes included in the back of the book.The only part I don;t like it that now I have to wait for a whole year to visit this wonderful Italian family. Ciao Rienzi Family! I can’t wait until we meet again!!
I would read more in this series. The characters are engaging and the mystery was fun.
Loads of fun! Really like the main character! Nice twisty little plot as well!
It's better than the first book
I enjoy cozy mysteries
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