The Weight Of Destiny (2000)
The Weight of Destiny (2000)
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The Weight of Destiny es el primer libro de la nueva serie escrita por Nyrae Dawn, llamada Misfits y narra la hermosa historia de amor de Ryder y Virginia.Desde que vi esta nueva historia de Nyrae la añadi a mi lista de lecturas, ya que desde que conoci a la autora sus libros son un must read para mi.Todas sus historias son hermosas, dulces, profundas y muy faciles de leer, The Weight of Destiny no es diferente, me encanto como la historia habla de superacion y de crear tu propio destino, ademas a pesar de tener bastantes capitulos ( 51 creo ) en ningun momento la lectura se me hizo tediosa, todo lo contrario, me lo acabe sin casi darme cuenta.Ojala pudiera encontrar las palabras adecuadas para decir lo mucho que me impresiono esta historia y lo mucho que me llego al corazon, pero no creo que existan las palabras suficientes para describir todo lo que senti con este libro mientras lo leia.Estoy muy curiosa sobre quienes seran los protagonistas del siguiente libro, de lo que estoy segura es que me encantara, como todo lo que escribe Nyrae Dawn.4 Estrellas!! I liked it a lot, I really did. "The weight isn't so heavy when I'm with you."I love that line, it's makes my heart squeeze a little. I don't know what to say about this. Everything's there in the blurb. It's a story about two people, one avoiding destiny, the other embracing it. Two complete opposite people, but intertwined together in a beautiful way. The relationship between Ryder and Virginia isn't your typical one. Yes it seem like is a story of a bad boy good girl, but it really isn't. Nothing about it is cliche. I mean who does homework in their sort of first date ?? Exactly! But I guess that's the beauty of their story.I particularly liked that beneath all this, the author approached the issue on multiple personality disorder. It's an illness I heard about but never went in depth into it. But after reading Weight of Destiny, I feel like I know so much more about it. I love the way it played out in the story, how the author delivered a heartfelt message, through these character. I don't want to highly praise it and rise the expectation, because this isn't a mind blowing story. I know if I read it with a high expectation, I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. It's best to just dive into it, then you'll realise it was a book worth reading.
If the next book isn't about Drea and Shane I'm gonna cry
Nyrae nunca decepciona con sus historias.
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