The Winter Long (2014)
The Winter Long (2014)
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wellthatescalatedfast.gifI'm really of two minds about this. One the one hand, I always appreciate it when an author doesn't make everyone automatically forgiving of one another when terrible things happen. Pain makes us do things we regret. But maybe I really missed something along the way but Luna's reaction seemed really OTT; then again, I feel like that a lot in this series. Faerie lives are long and grudges are held, but Everybody Eventually Hates October is getting a little old for me. I really hope it's going somewhere. And also, for seven books it's been beaten into me that "thank you" really means something, every time it comes up, yet when it actually happens multiple times in this book Toby barely bats an eye. I did appreciate that I couldn't always predict what was going to happen and what directions things were going, and it's really great to see all these new avenues open up. But my favourites were also sidelined for most of the book.Like I said, two minds. Another fun volume in this supernatural series with the indestructible October Day. Old friendships are broken or revealed as mistaken as October (Toby) searches for a way to kill an unkillable Firstborn (Evening Winterose) who returns after being thought dead in an earlier novel. Evening takes over one demesne, gets kicked out with Toby's help, and assumes control of her liege and his demesne. Meanwhile, the Luidaeg has been killed, revived, and hidden. Sylvester's evil twin returns as well and struggles with a geas that involves Toby, Evening, and the Luidaeg. Toby learns much along the way about early relationships between Oberon, his two wives, and the Firstborn and how their misdeeds are haunting her era and her life. She also learns more about the extent of her powers and how they protect her and moves on to another level with Tybalt. Another good "beach read."
This series keeps getting better and better. I love the characters. Even the villains.
This is probably my favorite fantasy series right now, can't wait for the next book.
The stories are good but I don't like October that much anymore...
Yay! I love this series!!
4.5 stars
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