The Witches Of Echo Park (2000)
The Witches of Echo Park (2000)
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0425268675 (ISBN13: 9780425268674)
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One of the reasons that I don't read that much fantasy is that novels tend to come in series. If the first one is good, then you suspect that all the things that you didn't like might be resolved in the next installment, but then you can't read the next one, just in case it is worse and you feel like you wasted your time and/or money and you'll never get it back and your should have known better.If the first one is good then you have to read the rest of the damned things and you feel like you've accidentally got mixed up in some strange subculture and become one of those people that reads those books.And I need to lay my hands on the next book.Damned you and your sneaky work to take all my money, Cracked and Spineless Richard! I decided to read this book because it was about witches and I love witch books! It was a lot of character history and building, but that was obviously needed. It just got sort of tedious at times since the book wasn't that long to begin with. Even though a coven was described in the description, I was expecting it was only going to be about one person. It was more about multiple women in this coven. It's nice and I think each character is really unique. It doesn't seem like there is going to be any other supernaturals in this book besides witches, which is odd for a SciFi book. I am looking forward to the next book in the series!
I enjoyed the story - even though there was a quite explicit part. Will probably read the next.
just too drawn out in my opinion.
Can't wait to read more!
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