The Wolf You Feed: (Book 1) The Vargr Clan Trilogy (2014)
The Wolf You Feed: (Book 1) The Vargr Clan Trilogy (2014)
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Angela Stevens
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I am a fan of shifter stories and this one has certainly made me love them even more. The Wolf You Feed is a shifter story with many twists and inter-twinings of they imaginary or a real part of a cultures folklore and practices. I loved the depth of each either of their forms! The world, rituals, beliefs, hierarchies, and traditions as well as characters were so richly described and portrayed by the author that they almost became real. The Wolf You Feed was more than just the run of the mill 'shifter falls for regular human or different species mooshy love story'. It has depth. This is a story of survival, compassion, true deep love, faith and perserverance. This book is completely different from my usual genre (Regency Romance) but I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was kind of mad when it ended! LOLTore is a very good man, even as a teen, he had good morals and a good sense of what is right and wrong. Growing up in a commune with all the other wolf shifters was a wonderful way to live. He had friends who knew him and understood what he was going through because they were going through the same thing. Elders helped guide him into being the wolf he has become. His father is the leader of their clan, the Alpha, and a strong one at that. Maybe a bit overbearing but he has no choice but to be that way, he is leader, he must not show weakness. I think his brother Erik is jealous of Tore. He sees the good in him, as others do and he wants to be that, but he is too power hungry to try. When Tore announces that he has found a mate, Izak, Tore's Father, doesn't agree with the match. Instead he gives Tore's love, Annike, to Erik, the eldest who has lost his mate. No part of this is going to go over with Tore. So he and Annike run away together.Tore has heartache upon heartache in this book, he has kept himself together with the help of one woman, then he has to deal with loss after loss. It is so heart wrenching! After many years, the last thing his brother Erik thought was that Tore was still alive. His unending need to see Tore dead seems over the top. He wants him to suffer and then die, but I'm not sure how far he will go. I don't know that anyone I've ever met would be strong enough to still be a good man after what Tore has been through. This is a great book, love, pain, wolves and people who can shift into other things. All very interesting and grabbed me from about the 3rd chapter on!I can't wait to read the next book! The author has a way with descriptions that is just wonderful!
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This is a great book, happiness and heartbreak. I will be reading more of Angela Stevens, soon.
Loved the book, can't wait to read the rest by this author.
Wonderful story. A can't put it down.
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