The World Of Downton Abbey (2011)
The World of Downton Abbey (2011)
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1250006341 (ISBN13: 9781250006349)
St. Martin's Press
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This was a great read. I enjoyed reading about the history surrounding the time period that Downton Abbey is set in. Jessica Fellows gives us background information for Julian Fellows' motivation/inspiration for the series and weaves fact and fiction throughout the book seamlessly. She provides biographies of real-life people whom the Downton characters are based on. Interspersed are quotes from the characters during the series as well as from behind the scenes. You also learn a great deal about the background of the production of the show itself. Where they shoot it and the costumes and sets that they use. The photography is wonderful. Again, it is interwoven with photos from the show and from history. A fascinating read. I enjoyed reading this, and it provided a lot of great historical background and details of how the series began. It is also filled with gorgeous pictures, and some fantastic quotes from the cast and crew. However, I hated the way it was formatted. Often a page would end in the middle of a sentence and the next 2-3 pages would be images with quotes or special "insert" sections, and I'd have to keep flipping back and forth between pages to catch all the information. Also, it would be wonderful if they'd publish a second edition or an updated version as this only covers to season 2.
Excellent photography! Explanation of the historical context only increased my interest in the show.
Fantastic read - I love stories like this. Would highly recommend. 5*****
Amazing. Best companion book I've ever read.
Pure entertainment.
very informative
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