The Wright Brother (2014)
The Wright Brother (2014)
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Marie Hall Publishing
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This was a fantastic NA read which has had me going through a rollercoaster of emotions along with the two main characters. It was a quick and easy read that I fell in love with from the first page; I very much enjoy reading books by this author. The main characters are Elisa and Julian; they have been friends their whole life since Julian was born. Always the brother of three who struggled due to his deafness and colour blindness Julian found it difficult to connect with anyone; anyone except Elisa that is. Elisa has always been connected to Julian in a way no one really knows; when a death in Julian’s family tares them apart she is unsure of when or if they will see each other again. When Julian’s family returns to be Elisa’s next door neighbours, when both of them are older and at secondary school sparks fly; however with Elisa a few years older than Julian she doesn’t feel she should get involved. This is a common theme throughout this book, an undeniable attraction between the two characters with neither one of them being able to say how they truly feel or commit to each other. I found these two main characters and their situation very real and great to read about since I could imagine it happening to anyone. The secondary characters include Julian’s mother, Lori as well as his two brothers, Christian and Roman; also Elisa’s friend from college Chastity. Lori is throughout this book a supporting character for both Julian and Elisa, she is also very much an overprotective mother. Christian and Roman are the cocky older brothers who kind of excel at everything and think they’re going to be a hit with the ladies; I feel they both had their eye on Elisa at one point in the book and honestly I don’t think either of them were a bad match for her but Julian was better. Chastity is probably the first female friend Elisa has so she is a huge influence in Elisa’s life helping her with important girly things like make-up. There are a whole host of other secondary characters not mentioned in this review but that is because I felt these ones were most noteworthy.The pacing of the book was brilliant leaving it until the very last minute to tell us the fate of the two main characters which I had been rooting for since the very first mention of them. I also liked the epilogue telling us the true outcome of the couple in the book.The storyline was brilliantly original and very believable with the author adding in some very real life situations for the characters to deal with. I would love to read more books like this in a series, maybe learning the romantic outcomes of Christian and Roman.A very good read 4.5 stars. I enjoyed this book and really couldn't up it down once I started. Elisa at times got on my nerves and I want to smack some sense into her. I loved Julian he was reserved, artsy, & kind of emo. i loved everything about him right down to his nipple piercing! I thought the fact they had a special way to communicate because he was deaf was so cute it gave them a bond nobody else could beginning to understand. The whole book was quick and enjoyable read.
3.5 stars. I enjoyed the plot, but was distracted by the poor editing.
A beautiful moving story. Loved it
really enjoyed these characters
Awsome book
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