The Zombies Of Lake Woebegotton (2010)
The zombies of Lake Woebegotton (2010)
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If you love A Prairie Home Companion and the real Garrison Keillor, likely truth is you will enjoy this book. Full disclosure: I actually thought I was reading the real guy until something off occurred to me about a quarter way through. The tone of the book was just a tad more biting than Keillor ever has been. But, the spirit of his respect and affection for the people of Minnesota is here. It's endlessly funny and moves along. It's worth it to get away from the other Zombie tales that might take themselves a bit too seriously. I stumbled across this in the paperback section of the library. It's a fun idea in the vein of the P&P&Z mash-up genre--what if zombies shambled into the cozy world of Lake Wobegon, and Garrison Keillor obviously enjoyed upending the fictional world he has created and repopulating it with doppelgänger characters and finding a way to include himself. In the end, a lot of beloved (and not so beloved) townspeople get offed by the zombies and each other and a new world order is established. The writing is lively and the plotting is clever, and few survive till the end of the book, as one might expect from an apocalyptic work. Keillor's (or should I say Geillor's) understanding of the roles of religion and morality in ordinary lives adds (dare I say) depth to the standard zombie mayhem. Is Catholicism, Lutheranism or neo-Viking paganism more robust in an age of terror? You have to read it to find out.
Excellent book for a holiday, a quick read and very funny
Such a clever zombie story! Enjoyed the writing style.
Zombies, affairs, murder, and a serial killer? Oh my!
Very fun and entertaining read. Recommended.
That was fun.
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