Think Twice (2010)
Think Twice (2010)
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0312380755 (ISBN13: 9780312380755)
St. Martin's Press
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I really liked the idea of this book: twins swapping places. One good and one evil.This book was a very easy read. A great book to read over a rainy weekend, or on a holiday. The story line moved along very quickly. Saying that, there was not much time to get to know all the characters in this book, especially the sisters. Some characters were not very useful and made very little contribution to this book.While analysing the story many flaws or red flags are emerging. For eg. (1) A real dog lover (especially a rich one), would have done anything to safe their dog - a big red flag to the ex-boyfriend (2)you can't travel without passport. Full stop. Not even the FBI can do that on a commercial flight (3) the so-called lady lawyers did not behave or talk like intelligent ladies, especially lawyers (4) A bank manager would try anything to keep a valued customer with their bank, and a red flag would be raised if all the money was moved to on-shore account (5) If I was suspecting someone of being un imposter I would not sit with them for dinner in a dark, empty restaurant! etc etc.If you don't look deeply into the overall story, it is a great, quick read. So when someone talks to you and determines you have the same book taste you get excited. Then said someone loans you a book and you think...ok. Wait....this is the 11th book in this "series" and I am supposed to get what is going on? Well surprise...I did know what was going on with surprising ease. This book was just so not good. I am going to have a hard time not making the loaner of the book feel awful. I rushed through it, to finish it to say I read it but, seriously...I would take Pretty Little Liars over this any day.
I started this book and could not put it down. I had to find out what happened.
Pretty much enjoyed this book--though it somewhat pushed credulity.
Too many far-fetched events!
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