Three Fates (2012)
Three Fates (2012)
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1613726236 (ISBN13: 9781613726235)
Dreamspinner Press
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I enjoyed this anthology very much. All three authors are veterans and the quality of their work shows.Fates Delivers a Prince was a fairly typical fated mate shifter story with a big misunderstanding but it was done well. I liked the interpretation of the Greek fates and their influence on the world.Jump was also a interesting, but different take on the gods influence. The MC's were destined to be together and felt the connection. I liked the secondary characters as wellBelieved You Were Lucky was classic Amy Lane, with a little bit of angst and a little bit of humour and a whole lot of love. I liked the pair and enjoyed the read. Three stories, one by each author, Andrew Grey, Mary Calmes and Anne Lane, about 3 relationships influenced by the Three Fates. Personally I think Andrew Grey is the mismatch of the 3 authors. Most of the books of his I've read felt like they were gay erotica as written through the eyes of a twelve year old girl. His story in this book is no exception though it was kind of sweet in the end.The other 2 stories I enjoyed immensely. Mary Calmes mixes the greek Moirai (Clotho - the spinner, Lachesis - the measurer, and Atropos - the cutter with Egyptian mythology for her story and Anne Lane uses the 3 Norns and Norse mythology for hers. I found both stories intelligent, charming and even out of the box for both authors.
Kinda loved it. All three were good reads, imo, but the last of them (Amy Lane's) was my favorite.
Entertaining and well-written set of stories from three popular m/m authors.
The three stories were very very good...
Rated only on Mary calmes
One word, Boring
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