Three Hearts, One Soul (2000)
Three Hearts, One Soul (2000)
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So this book had me crying from the first 5 pages. I laughed and cried more at this book than I have in a while. This book is so heartwarming and loveable that you can't help but get wrapped up in Nev's emotions that it's hard not to cry like a baby. And then the love connection that is between these 3 people is amazing! I wish I had a friendship like that. To also see the connection between the brothers was amazing. And the hint of drama leading up to the next book is amazing!!Good job Bec!!!Reviewed by Rose Ok Three hearts one soul is about 3 friends who love each so much. But what I don't understand about this book is the way how they treated each other! I almost gag when Nevaeh allowed herself to make love with the two brothers. What a sl**. It would be better if Bec tried to tweak the characters and made it clearer because the way how it was written, its as if the entire set up is friends-with-benefits. Worse is the two boys are siblings.
Cried my eye out hated to see him die but can't wait to see what Whiskey is Hiding.
you will be crying!!!! love this book so looking to reading book 2!!!!
Loved it need the next book like NOW!!!
Loved it and can't wait for more!
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