Three Wrong Turns In The Desert (2009)
Three Wrong Turns in the Desert (2009)
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Loose Id
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I can't believe how much I enjoyed this book!First of all, I think the setting is wonderful. The author made me really feel like I was in the busy streets of Tunis, in the sandy trails in the desert, running or walking, on a bus or riding a camel. The book has the flavor of the adventure books I liked to read when I was a child, I lost myself in the pages and I read the story in a blur to see where the characters would take me and what would happen to them.The main characters are both very fascinating. Liam is an ex-Navy SEAL who got branded in my brain the first time I caught a glimpse of him showering outdoors in a backyard, skin gleaming and nipple rings sparkling under the sun. And I know what you're doing right now! You're buying the book! It's easy to fall in love with Liam because he's really impressive and I am so shallow and I can't resist hotness.Aidan, the English teacher who fled to Tunis after the end of a relationship, grows on the reader page after page. The story is told mainly in his point of view and at the beginning Liam overshadows him for his sheer physical appearance and because Aidan has a low self-esteem and he can't see his qualities. It takes a while for Aidan to realize he is much better than his ex made him think of being and the brattier side of him slowly emerges, making him maybe more interesting than Liam in the long run. It was good to see how resourceful Aidan was and even if he insisted on following Liam in the most dangerous situations, he knew how not to make things worse. He was brave but not reckless. At the end of the book, Liam - ex Naby SEAL, big, butch and trained - seemed a bit dumb in comparison to Aidan and I don't like to think of one of the main characters like this.The chemistry between the two is incredible and when they are together, they are sizzling. As I said before, I was a bit blinded by Liam at the beginning - probably by the jockstrap, mmmm - but I loved to see the way Aidan was able to manipulate Liam to get things his own way. The exotic locations of the book gave everything an even more sensual edge and I liked that the author was able to make this spill in every aspect of the book.I have a pet peeve. I like when the point of view switches between the main characters with a rhythm that makes me expect to hear from the other character. But I also like books with a single point of view. In this book the point of view is mainly Aidan's with a few switches to Liam's. I wish we had had nothing from Liam's or significantly more, because otherwise I am left with the feeling that the author had the intention of writing a single point of view, but couldn't work around certain situations easily without changing it.I have a few reservations about the ending. I wasn't really convinced about the Tuareg tribe problem turning to an anti-terrorism operation with anthrax, etc. It suddenly became this big thing and even if I am very good at suspending my disbelief, this turning of the events took me out of the story. Another thing that I didn't really like was the re-appearance of the ex, which seemed a bit out of character for what I knew about Blake - or not sufficiently explained, or wrapped up too quickly. I don't know if the author was already planning of writing a sequel, but I would have kept this reunion for a later book.Apart from this, it was an incredibly fascinating and exciting story. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, because I really want to see how Liam and Aidan's relationship evolves in their next adventures. A good, fun read with adventure, beautiful scenery and hot sex. Aiden Greene, schoolteacher, is given the boot by his slimy lover and sets out for Tunisia for some adventure. Aiden's idea of adventure gets rocked when he meets Liam McCullough, a bodyguard and ex navy seal. Aiden had been hired to teach english as a second language but finds himself helping Liam cross Tunisia to deliver a secret donation. The character Aiden evolves nicely from being a bookish castoff to being a confident risk taker. I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a cohesive story to go with their sex.
Fun action thriller. I loved taking a trip through Tunisia and all the description of it.
Wow what a wild ride this was. Loved this book!
Hot, can't wait for the sequel
3.5 stars
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