Thrilled To Death (2013)
Thrilled to Death (2013)
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1612186181 (ISBN13: 9781612186184)
Thomas & Mercer
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Detective Jackson finds himself inadvertently dealing with two missing persons cases, both where it's questionable if the women were abducted or had reason to disappear on their own.There's not a lot of excitement this time but there's plenty of mystery. I liked how murky the cases were and enjoyed following the process to figure out whether there was cause for concern. Detective Jackson's personal life spills into the case as his relationship with Kera progresses and he works to manage the life of single father.The ending felt a little rushed but I enjoyed the story. Looking forward to continuing this series. After communicating with L.J. Sellers here, I decided to read something she had written :0)Thrilled to Death is actually #2 in the Detective Jackson mystery series. Not having read the first few books, did not hinder me in reading this book or understanding what was going on.The basic story is that 2 young women(from opposite sides of the track) are missing and foul play is suspected. One is a single mother who is attending college and just trying to "make it" while the other is a spoiled socialite who wants for nothing.There are some similarities tho- both are treated by the same psychiatrist and both volunteer at a local charitable agency.Unfortunately money talks, and the socialite gets more press coverage than the regular girl. But if Jackson can figure out what happened to one, chances are he can solve the case on both.*****************************************************I really like L.J.'s writing style. She gave me enough information but did not overload me with small details that meant nothing in the long run. I really enjoyed how she described the crime scenes without being over gory. No nightmares with this one. :0)It was easier for me to keep up with, when the civilians names were just the first names and the detectives were all last names.I will definitely be picking up another one of her books and giving it a read as well!
I really like the Detective Jackson series. Quick reads and good character development.
The Detective Jackson series by LJ Sellers is excellent. I am really enjoying it.
Thrilled to Death Review coming soon.
Another great book by L.J. Sellers!
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