Thriller 3: Love Is Murder (2012)
Thriller 3: Love is Murder (2012)
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Mira Publishers
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This anthology is comprised of 30 short stories by a variety of authors which provided quick and immensely satisfying reading. Some authors I'm familiar with and have read their books, others I'm reading their work for the first time. It was a wonderful selection and a I'll be busy searching out the books of some of my new acquaintances because I so enjoyed their stories. It's a bit like getting a taste which wets your appetite for more. There is no way to adequately review each and every story and it is not possible to choose only a few, when others keep saying "me, me, me." Would love to read a few more books like this. Will have to keep my eyes opened. Love is Murder contains 29 short stories that include intrigue, mystery, suspense, romance, and adventure. Each short story contains only a few characters focusing on one event in a short amount of time with most providing a satisfying if not excellent ending.Love is Murder is a marketing tool used to get readers interested in new writers and to get readers to discover established writers that might be new to the reader. It is a smart move that they put Sandra Brown in big letters on the top of the cover. That is what caught my eye since I am a fan of her work. I was disappointed to find that Sandra Brown does not include a short story, but she does write the forward as well as including a brief comment at the beginning of each story.Overall, I enjoyed the collection, but there were a few stories I didn't like at all. The Lee Child story, "I Heard a Romantic Story", is the most aggravating. It reads like a rough draft and the story didn’t make any sense.
So many of my favorite authors in one book. Who could ask for more?
Only read the Brenda novak story. Too short!
Some stories were better than others.
Some good, some bad, some so-so
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