Throat (2011)
Throat (2011)
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I picked this book up at my schools library I was in between books and had no idea when I would be going to the library next so I dropped by quickly before my first period.This book was a new book at our library displayed front and center when you walk into the room. I grabbed the book without even reading the inside flap.This book is told through the character Emma. Emma is seventeen and suffers from epilepsy. One night after an attack from her epilepsy she steals her mother's car trying to get a way from everyone. She ends up in the hands of Wirtz a vampire who tries to kill her but fails because she had an attack. Emma wakes up with out any memory of the night in the hospital. She later finds she has unique abilities no other human should have. Wirtz starts to visit her at night through a link that "creators " and "children" possess and threatens her family resulting in Emma running away from home to protect her family. She ends up at NASA where she meets Sagan a trainee astronomer who helps her survive and eventually falls in love with himThis book I really liked how there was a new and unique twist on the vampire theme. I like how the book also added science themes and the caves was also really cool. One of my favorite things about this book is it doesn't glorify that all vampires are awesome at the beginning. You know human changed by a totally awesome vampire that the reader is suppose to really like. The book also has two separate groups of vampires those who wish to get rid of the "curse" and those who don't. Another aspect I love about this book is there is some really great fighting scenes. Lastly I love Sagan! Sagan is such an awesome character. I'll admit it I usually love the male characters more than the girls but Sagan is completely lovable. I like that the love interest is clever and and smart with out being supernatural or a monster hunter/hater like most of the other books out there. The only things I didn't really love was the cliff hanger ending and that their was so much that felt like it was left out or that there should of been more in certain parts of the story. As far as I know this book is a stand alone but I may be wrong. If it is a stand alone than I am a little bit disappointed in all of the hangers if not than I will probably pick up the next book in the series since I really do like the world R.A. Nelson has created I really liked the idea for this book. A girl with epilepsy is bitten by a vampire. While the vampire is feeding she goes into a "tonic clonic" which messes up the whole process and she becomes half-vampire. Actually, she's more like a third in my book. She doesn't need to drink blood and can go out in the sunlight, but she's super duper sensitive to light and can see in the dark, and she's super strong now and can run like crazy.The vampire that turned her, Wirtz, is a 'bad' guy and gets pissed when she doesn't heed to his Call. He comes to her in a sort of hologram-ish way. Like, he's there in mind but not in body, understand? And he threatens her little sister. What's the rational thing to do? Flip the crap out and run away with only your pj's and find yourself at a NASA Base. Emma decides to set up camp at the base for when Wirtz does find her. Because, of course he will! She goes to Home Depot, steals what she can, then to a mall and again steals what she can. Of course at the mall she has to show her new skills with a stand off with the police and makes it out alive. I suppose after the adventure of the day she cannot possibly remember to steal food, so thankfully Sagan shows up. There are good and bad vampires, but the good vampires reminded me of people that could live on a commune. NO VIOLENCE! I'll just sit back and let you get hurt. Just as long as it doesn't come back to me! Thanks! Hopefully the Sonnen will happen beforehand! Okay, like I said before, I really liked the idea of this book but I feel kind of as things went astray. Maybe if there had been some kind of altercation between her being bitten and Wirtz threatening her sister then that might have helped things. Or maybe it's just Emma I didn't like. I mean, I didn't mind that she was sarcastic, but all the same, give me a flipping break. 'I can't tell you because it would put you in danger' or "Oh, Sagan, you'd never understand. I WISH I could tell you!' Give me a break. It's not a slow read per-see (it did take me about 3 weeks to read this, but I do work and go to school so I find that accounted for the slowness), and there's a good amount of action. And I'd tell friends about it if they want to read a vampire book. And the inevitable hook-up between Emma and Sagan was nice, though I have to ask what happened afterwards? It's not like she could pretend to be Stephanie(?) all while they were dating. And Wirtz ended up being one of those prideful vampires that wants to die, but won't do it without a fight which I thought was just plain silly! Thanking her for killing him off! Honestly!
Great read. Very compelling. And a refreshing reversal on strong-boy/weak-girl stereotypes.
It started out fine. I liked the concept, I liked the lead. And then it lost me.
Scientific take on vamps. Kinda faulty logic but not a bad book.
God this was sooo good! So tense!
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