Thrown By A Curve (2013)
Thrown by a Curve (2013)
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0425253457 (ISBN13: 9780425253458)
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This was supposed to be a scorching hot read, and it really was. Not that I read more than one or two of the love scenes, and I skimmed the rest. The first one... didn't really make sense to me in a character- motivation sense. I mentioned it in my first in-progress comment. I could see disaster coming and her reasons for doing it anyway didn't make sense to me. Most of the rest of the scenes were, for me, filler. Not what I was reading the story for, and not absolutely necessary for the plot. Then Burton sidled right by the disaster. The dark moment really didn't have anything to do with what I thought she was setting us up for. So, it was a well written book (though the copyediting had some issues--lie/lay as well as hoop/whoop) and had some really scorching hot love scenes (I could tell, even though I skimmed), but it wasn't quite my cup of tea. I liked it well enough. It was a nice read. But I'd have liked more angst and less sex. Just me. This is probably exactly what someone else is looking for. Just fantastic. I really enjoyed this one and it completely shattered my expectations. In ways I enjoyed this one more than Playing to Win. Probably because the banter & relationship between Alicia and Garrett was just perfect. I also think that part f it had to do with finally having another female Riley to root for. I love the guys but seeing that I am female, we gotta stick together. The chemistry between Alicia and Garrett as well as getting more of the Riley family is always one of my favorite parts. I so wish that I could be part of a family like that. I guess that’s what drags me into these stories aside from the amazing male characters & relationships. I loved the little teaser of Gray, Drew and Trevor that we got in this book and am anxious to read their stories. From the brief chapter or so that they were in this book, I already know that they are going to be added to my list of book boyfriends along with Ty Anderson, Garrett Scott and the Riley boys.
great book!! Probably a little bit short
No romance. None. Zilch.
Just loved this series
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