Ti Aspettavo (2014)
Ti aspettavo (2014)
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Lovely read.In the past from both Avery and Cam something dark happened. The difference is his parents stood behind him, hers let her down big time. Now Avery wants to start new far from everybody she knows. On her first day at school she literally walks into Cam. She doesn't want to get involved with him, but he is her partner at the astrology lessons and he is apartment door is straight in front of hers. They become friends, but Cam wants more and is always flirting with her. But Avery is afraid to let their relationship come further than just being friends.A great story which tells us that even if you are handsome and popular that doesn't mean there didn't happen bad things in your past.It is lovely to see Avery trusting Cam more and more. Surviving from her past.Luckily the book is a stand alone. But I wouldn't mind reading more books in this series. I read this a while ago so somethings are a little hazy. What I do remember is Cam was a total sweetheart and I love him. He was very patient and understanding and I love how he's totally into Avery.Avery was an okay female lead. I liked her and she was really funny. I hate her parents though and I'm happy she got away from her. I would have liked if she had opened up to her friends more but I can understand her wariness about it. Her parents barely did much when she needed them most so it stands to reason that she would be leery of trusting anyone with her problems again.I really liked this story. Armentrout did not disappoint and I've found myself rereading some parts of this story. Oh the fluff!
I finished this book in less than three hours and it was very good and well written!
Jennifer is amazing. this woman can write romance like no other
4'5. Estupenda, como todo lo de esta autora.
Quiero un Cam en mi vida
3.5 stars
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