'til The World Ends/Dawn Of Eden/Thistle & Thorne/Sun Storm (2013)
'til The World Ends/Dawn Of Eden/Thistle & Thorne/Sun Storm (2013)
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Red Lung; Red Zone; and Sun Fever"'Til the World Ends" consists of three novellas, each foreseeing post-apocalyptic futures for our world. Each has a heroine/hero that looks at saving or at least helping make the world a better place to live."Dawn of Eden" by Julie Kagawa - prequel to the BLOOD OF EDEN series, including "The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden)" and the soon to be released "The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden)" - well written though the medical sequences are a little awkward. I enjoyed Kylie and Ben's romance and their fight against Red Lung and the rabids."Thistle and Thorne" by Ann Aguirre - this was my favorite of the three stories, with Mari Thistle and Thorne Goodman as the protagonists. A scary look at a world gone environmentally wrong, with the rich living in fortresses and the poor living in zones open to the toxic elements. Out of the three stories, this is the one I wished would be extended into a full length story/series."Sun Storm" by Karen Duvall - Sarah and Ian were caught out in the sun storms but rather than getting Sun Fever and dying, they survived and became Kinetics, with different helpful powers. I liked that it took place in Colorado, someplace I'm familiar with. Read about the Bell Ringer, Night Rainbows and the Berserkers.NOTE: There are sexual situations and strong language in this book. It's not advertised as a Young Adult book but "Dawn of Eden" is the prequel for a YA series. In this prequel novella to The Immortal Rules Julie Kagawa takes us on a short journey. This is the story of Kylie and Ben. Kylie is a doctor, a survivor of Red Lung who is introduced to Ben, an IT tech who worked with his friend, Nathan, in the DC lab where the Rabids were created. Kylie and Ben's story is a union of a sad circumstance, anger and devastation, and most of all- hope. Oh, and there's also a glimpse to our favorite vampire and what made him resolved to make up for his grave mistake.
I loves this ebook of ask different books. I didn't really like the last book in this ebook.
great novella. now onto blood of eden.... so excited :)
Reading it just for JK's story. ;D
Love it!
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