Tünékeny Illúziók (2013)
Tünékeny illúziók (2013)
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963635457X (ISBN13: 9789636354572)
I.P.C. Könyvek
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I loved this story so much! The world was really well-imagined and I liked the magic (though I would have liked a little more information about HOW it worked and where it came from, I liked that characters used it realistically and I loved how Kowal integrated it into the society of the book). The thing that takes me down a star here is, as someone who's read Austen and other 18th-19th century authors quite a bit, I could definitely tell that this was written by someone who was trying REALLY HARD to sound like she came from the era, and for me, that kind of drew me back a little from the story. I would have rather had a slightly more contemporary, less arch style if it meant the words flowed more naturally.BUT OVERALL: highly recommend! I wanted to enjoy this more than I did! But the characters never quite came to life for me. They have potential. Jane's approach to Glamour when an impressive piece is before her, which is to figure out how it's done and see if she can do it, was a joy. David Vincent came into his own as an interesting figure in the last quarter of the novel. Melody was a credit to the role of "younger, pretty, spoiled (?) sister." The whole magical system is one of the better -- heck, just cooler! -- magical systems out there. The story and its conflicts were believably steeped in the manners and mores of a magical Regency. I should have adored it.Why didn't I? I believe it's because, except for the occasional glimpse, the characters never quite transcended the stock Austen novel, and the writing wasn't as full of the matter-of-fact personal wit you'll find in an Austen novel. Don't mistake me: The writing was clean and simple and it served to tell the tale, faultless if not flawless. It was a long time moving all the pieces in position for the denouement (which I enjoyed quite a bit, mind).In the end, I just wanted more character on character chemistry. I wanted to believe in Jane and Melody a little more than I did. I *am* looking forward to the next book. Spoiler: I've already read it, and it is a huge improvement, so hurrah!
Loved it. Can't wait to read the rest in the series.
Excessively diverting. ;)
Pure enjoyment.
Very charming.
Pure fun!
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