Toss The Guilt And Catch The Joy: A Woman's Guide To A Better Life (2008)
Toss the Guilt and Catch the Joy: A Woman's Guide to a Better Life (2008)
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If I had read the first few chapters I would definitely have given the book a better review and rating. The author is witty and fun and had a lot of good anecdotes and stories. However, it seemed that once she was done telling us to let go of guilt and have some joy, she spent the rest of the book piling the guilt on. Her stories seem to be so judgmental of other people and I would seriously hate to be one of her friends who were so ungraciously mentioned in the book. By the end I started wondering when she would get off her soap box. Personally I read the book to learn to NOT allow others to tell me how to be and there she was doing it with a flourish. It's a shame when she started off so well too. I liked this book. I was suprised. When I first opened the book I noticed one of the other books that this author had written and I groaned. It was a book highly recommended to me by an extreme over-achiever and the book (52 Weeks of Fun Family Service) definitely lived up to her high aspirations. Anyways, so I was trying to figure out this book by this over-achieving woman was not going to MAKE me feel guilty. I am not an overly guilty person. I look at people who do everything and have everything perfect and I see a heart attack waiting to happen. Those people don't make me feel guilty about my lack of perfection. They make me feel sad inside, sad that they are crazy. But that sort of guilt wasn't so much what the book was about. It was a little, but that wasn't the focus. What I liked the most was how the author suggested that when we see someone acting mean, shy, angry, loud, stupid, perfect, etc we need to think, "What's their problem?" That sounds snotty, huh? But that's not how you should read it. We need to think about them as Christ would, as in, "What problems are in their lives that are causing them to act that way?" and to be mindful that not everything is what it appears to be. Someone who seems perfect might have suffered terrible abuse and is hiding their pain. Or someone who seems to be a mess might actually be really on top of things if we base our judgement on what might have happened to them (ie, you might be a mess, but you'd be a worse mess if you weren't trying really hard.)
I'm all for any book with tips on how to be happier. She speaks so well to women!!
This was a good book for me. Especially in working through insecurities.
Great book and easy read with great tips.
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