Truly (2013)
Truly (2013)
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I think I saw Ruthie Knox mentioned on a list of recommended romance writers--maybe a Book Riot post? Wherever it was, I'm grateful, because this was a sweet, breezy read. I liked that Mae, the main character, isn't some petite little thing and that most of the book involved the couple talking and getting to know each other. (Pet Peeve--romance in which love interests don't spend any time together.) The scenario isn't exactly believable, but Mae and Ben's attraction is ENTIRELY believable--and fun. Added bonus: Mae and Ben love to eat and their meals are lovingly described. I TRULY, TRULY LOVED THIS BOOK FOR A LOT OF REASONS, HAPPY-SAD-MAD. THE MAIN REASON BECAUSE IT SEEMED SO VERY REAL, SO MUCH LIKE REAL PEOPLE. MAY IS A CHARACTER WHO REMINDED ME OF THE WOMAN IN "BRIDGET JONES DIARY", SHE STRUGGLED WITH NONE-TO-LOW SELF ESTEEM ALSO. ONCE AGAIN POOR PARENTAL UPBRINGING IS THE CAUSE FOR BOTH BEN AND MAY'S PROBLEMS, NEITHER OF THEIR PARENTS HAD ANY BUSINESS HAVING KIDS. SO MANY WOMEN SUFFER FROM NO SELF LOVE AND THE SAD THING IS THEY DON'T HAVE A BEN TO ENTER THEIR LIFE. BOTH BEN AND MAY HAD ISSUES BUT TOGETHER THEY MADE ONE ANOTHER BETTER PEOPLE. THE STORY LINE AND ALL THE DIALOG BETWEEN THE CHARACTERS WAS SO BRILLIANT AND AT TIMES SUPER HILARIOUS (lol funny). I LOVED THIS BOOK, I HATED FOR IT TO END AND IT HAS A TRULY GREAT ENDING. SIGH!! ;D
Loved!! Very close to an all-out 5. Can't stop thinking about May & Ben. Knox delivers!
I felt that the breakups were too easy. Not showing concern for partners left behind.
I enjoyed that. Nice, 3-d complicated characters. 3.5 stars.
Predictable but ok.
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