Turn Up The Heat/Love Won'T Wait/Beach House Beginnings/Strong Enough To Love (2014)
Turn Up The Heat/Love Won'T Wait/Beach House Beginnings/Strong Enough To Love (2014)
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This is a collection of sizzling stories from three best selling authors of today. Lori Foster's Love Won't Wait is a tale of Brendan who is used to getting what he wants, especially from women. Merrily does not fall for Brendan's charm, at least not at first. She has a proposition for him but will it turn out the way both of them expect? Lori Foster is a brilliant author who bring another tale to greatness. I love watching confident men get a little taste of their own medicine. This is another great read from Lori.Christie Ridgway's Beach House Beginnings tells the story of Meg who makes a trip back to her home town for the first time in 5 years. Sparks fly when she meets Caleb. Can Caleb tempt her to spend the weekend with him for a chance at love? Christie does a magical job of bringing these characters to life, it has you rooting for Caleb and hoping for the happy ending to come. Another great tale by Christie Ridgway.Victoria Dahl's Strong Enough to Love is a story of forbidden love that gets a second chance at life. Photographer Eve Hill has tried to forget about Brian Stewart, but his sudden reappearance in Jackson Hole, WY sends her life into a tale spin of epic proportions. Will their forbidden love find a way or is this the end of them for good. Victoria does a great job of weaving this story to life with awesome characters. You can't help but root for a happy ending for these two. Brilliant book.I loved all three of these books from these fabulous authors. Everyone of these lovely ladies does a wonderful job of drawing their readers in and keeping them enthralled until the very end. I could not but this book down. Great read. I give it 4 stars. I just love to read anthologies because I get to preview new to me authors along with some I know. This anthology consisted of three pretty fast reading novellas with two new to me authors. Each was a good read, but one definitely stood out from the pack. Love Won't Wait by Lori Foster (3 stars)Definitely a good read, but not my favorite of Foster's. Brick was cute and I loved the clear communication he had with Merrily (hate that name though). They both go into the relationship with clear expectations, and things evolve from there. Pretty typical storyline, and nothing I haven't read before.Beach House Beginnings by Christie Ridgway (2 stars)Ridgway is a new to me author, and I so wanted to like this story because all the right components were there. Lost love, heartache, new love with lots of emotions... but the story didn't work for me. The characters seemed kind of flat and it was a tad on the cheesy side when it could have been a great emotional read instead. Strong Enough to Love by Victoria Dahl (4 stars)Another new to me author, and this was the strongest point in the book for me because it was written quite beautifully. It was jam packed with emotions and had me in tears, because I could really feel Eve's frustration and all of her heartache. Brian was only doing what he felt was right and honorable. Unfortunately his actions didn't keep him from hurting Eve in the worst way, but he knows this. She's spent the last two years with terrible what if questions and not being able to move on because she knows he was it for her. I know some might think that things moved fast where her forgiveness was concerned, but with so much emotion going on in this story I could see why she wouldn't punish him or herself anymore by keeping him away. *I received a review copy of this from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*
First two stories were great! I skipped over the third one, as I'd already read it before!
I really enjoyed this trilogy. All 3 authors are great.
Hoping to win this! Review when read.
Very disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A great book. Totally worth it.
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