Twice Upon A Time (2000)
Twice Upon a Time (2000)
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I had to wait a week to get this book because Barnes and noble didn't have it. I read it as soon as I got it and finished it that day. It was amazing! I loved the first one and loved this one even more. In the first one they went a lot of places and was a little all over the place, but this one. This one was more believable and was even greater! The only problem is that it just leaves off again, and it makes you need to read the third one that minute. Thankfully, I already had the third one right next to me when I finished this book, so I immediately picked up the third one and started reading it. I recommend this book to anyone who read the first one and loved it. Also I think May was much more independent and all together better. In the first one she didn't appreciate Jack at all and was just like, "oh Phillip." the whole book, but in this one I felt like she didn't exactly love Jack more, she just didn't need rescuing as much, even though she still leaned on Jack for moral support during the hard times. I loved Lian! She was awesome, even if her whole motives aren't exactly clear. I'm rereading the series right now, even though I just read it last week. That's how good it is! Half Upon a Time I could only give 3 stars... but this one... WOW!!! It was just as intense and exciting as the first, but there seemed to be a little more mystery and plotting then the last book... mostly because at the end of Half Upon a Time, we found out that *SPOILER ALERT!!* May's "Grandmother" is really the Wicked Queen - SHOCKER!!!! So after that, I REALLY wanted to find out who May was then.And, with a bigger mystery than the challenge of trying to rescue May's Grandmother, I had a lot more fun and loved this book A LOT more than the first. :-) =D GREAT JOB JAMES RILEY!!!! =)
Another great book in the Half Upon A Time series--full of action and sarcasm! On to the final book!
Great read a loud with the boy!
best book ever. Twist ending
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