Two Lines: A Novella (2011)
Two Lines: A Novella (2011)
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I'm going to keep this short and sweet: Marr is an exceptional writer. For five books she rocked my world; rocked HER world of faires and politics and love.But this attempt at a novel for adults was disappointing. It didn't have the character building, the emotions, the passion her other books did.She kept repeating, like we'd forget, what would happen if Eavan has sex and killed. And the subjects of drugs and human trafficking mixed into Eavan's attraction... Yep.Fell flat.Very flat.Don't do that Melissa.Don't go there.Make them older but keep what you have and you're golden, if you want to write for us not-so-fresh chickies! I personally found this story thought-provoking and brilliant. For those unfamiliar to Melissa Marr's writing style, you'll get acquainted with her prose. For those who have read Wicked Lovely and are fond of the Dark Court, you will learn more about the fey creatures called glaistigs that are very Other, and for me, are more similar to gancanaghs. This story simmering with sexual tension and blurred the lines between good and bad. Definitely worth the read.
I read this as apart of another book of short stories & novellas - it was good :)
I love when i find a new Melissa Marr book! I love her and I haven't read this one!
I wish this had been a full length novel
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