Tyrannosaurus Dad (2011)
Tyrannosaurus Dad (2011)
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1596435313 (ISBN13: 9781596435315)
Roaring Brook Press
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Tobias' dad is just like other dads. He is big, eats meat, works hard, collects joke books. But there is one thing that separates him from the rest---he is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tobias doesn't have to be scared of spiders, monsters, annoying salesmen, or strangers with a T-Rex for a dad but he does wish his dad worked less. Tobias is worried that his dad will not come to his school's field day because he is always working but his dad surprises him. What can be cooler than having your Tyrannosaurus dad come to school? Nothing.Myers' illustrations are bold, detailed, and pair perfectly with Rosenberg's text. It is hard to believe this is Myers' first illustrated picture book. Great book, hilarious, touching and PERFECT for Father's Day. All about a too-busy but loving dad who is literally and figuratively larger than life-- isn't every dad like that really a t-rex? The pictures are full of subtle and funny details. Reviewer below is the lame-o. There are so many bad dinosaur books out there-- finally, a wonderful one! I don;t even mind re-reading it over and over (and over)
I just want to know where Tobias' mom is (and her species).
Picture book fantasy where dad is a T-rex.
Nice book, lots of fun to read out loud
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