Un Attimo, Un Mattino (2010)
Un attimo, un mattino (2010)
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8860885191 (ISBN13: 9788860885197)
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**SpoilersThe opening of the novel held promise. The author could have taken it in so many directions, but didn't. Instead, it was almost 400 pages of boring fluff. The actual 'story' could have been told in 100 pages or less.I wasn't particularly fond of any of the characters. Lou finds a love interest and announces to her mother she's gay. First, it was extremely predictable, as much of the book was. But even in that, there was no real emotion in her coming out, nothing to keep me turning pages to see what happened.Karen is grappling with the sudden loss of her husband. But she does it in the most ordinary way possible. I waited for something out of the ordinary to happen, to make it worth reading, but nothing.Anna is involved with an alcoholic. She dumps him. Big deal. Again, a story we've read over and over, no twists, no Aha moments.I would have put the book down long before the halfway mark, but continued to read because I actually thought that Lou and Anna might get together. Not sure why I thought that, maybe their shared experience on top of one having no love life and the other having a bad one.And even though I was looking for it, it still would have been something out of the ordinary.International bestseller? I don't know how. This book bored me silly. I read it a month ago and that book already feels so far away...The book opens on Lou's character taking the train to work, as usual. Suddenly, she sees a man having a heart attack. A shocking event that will drastically change the life of our three characters : - Lou, a grown woman living in the shadows of her mother's expectations. She struggles to be herself while feeling she is not honest enough with who she is. - Karen is bereft wife of the man in the train. She has loved him and he has been a part of her life for so long. How can she cope without him ? - Anna, Karen's best friend. She has known the couple for years. With Simon's death, she begins to question the crumbling life she has struggled to build.As this tragical event occurs, the characters' life are being interwoven. They must learn how to live in a forever changed world.I really struggled. I wanted so much to like this book. I felt I owed to myself and to the story unfolding on paper. While the book is well-written and the characters feel real, I just didn't connect. I remained a spectator while I wanted to be a part of this book. The truth is the characters annoyed me. I couldn't identify myself with how they acted, reacted or thought. I read the book till the end, but it has left a sour taste on my tongue. Because even the end of the book left me unsatisfied.Bummer.
I don't think I was in the mood to read thus book.
Very readable and vivid.
Easy summer read
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