Un Cupcake Con Mr Darcy (2013)
Un cupcake con Mr Darcy (2013)
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I thought it was a good debut book for Fletcher. The part about Mollies death did surprise me, and might have made me cry. However, I thought that this book was predictable. Billy, a famous actor, falls in love with Sophie, a local who works in a tea shop. They break up because of an argument, and then he wins her over again. I saw the ending coming. I thought Sophie's surprise would have been something better than what it was actually was. I really enjoyed this actually! Chicklits are usually not my cup of tea, but because I really like Giovanna I decided to give it a shot and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I think it was well written and it was just an easy read. Just a lovely book to read when you don't want to think about the story too much. I also own the short story 'Christmas with Billy and Me' but I'm going to leave that one till Christmas.
Amazing book! Didn't want to put it down!
Such a sweet little story
enjoyed this book a lot
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