Una Sonrisa Roja Como La Sangre (2012)
Una sonrisa roja como la sangre (2012)
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La Galera
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This is an odd book...short with a "young" cover painting the book is played for somewhat adult humor played against the back drop of the "original" morality tales (bloody morality tales) told in the Grim Grimm's Fairy Tales. You know the ones where the step sisters try cutting off their toes and then their heels to make them fit in the glass slipper? Here we're told a story of Hansel and Gretel...but not the one you're familiar with. No with repeated warnings to be sure there are no children in the room we're told a series of adventures from the viewpoint of our young heroes...Not a bad book, as a matter of fact a pretty good book. I think I'll plan on getting the next in the series...What? Yes of course it's a series, isn't everything "now-a-days"? I think it was great it is my favorite book. I think think this because once I started I couldn't put it down. I also think that it is dark so I recommend it to 4th-5th grade and higher. Another reason why I think this is because it kind of makes fun of fairy tales and makes them more exciting to read. One more reason is because they mix fairy tales together sometimes. Lastly I think this because there's three books and each are about different fairy tales.
I think that it was a lot better twist from the original fairy tales.
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It was great. A bit scary. Alot funny. But great.
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