Unbeloved (2000)
Unbeloved (2000)
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This is my all time favorite MC series. It is hard for me to write a review that will give it any justice to how amazing this book really is without giving spoilers. My heart broke several times in this book I cried and laughed was happy and sad. It was a roller coaster of emotions. I love how the story went back to the beginning and showed us how the whole Jace/Dorthy/Hawk relationship started. The unexpected turns written had me on edge and dying to know what was going to happen but at same time saying oh no don't want to know because I loved all three characters and want them all happy. All I can say is just read it you won't be disappointed. wow the ending what a cliffhanger I am dying to know what is going to happen next. "Unbeloved" is the fourth book in the "Undeniable" series by Madeline Sheehan and my favorite one out of the four currently available books. The story was more intriguing and the lead characters more mature and interesting, each with his and her pasts still holding them hostage. When Dorothy Kelley and Jase Brady first met, they were both married to other people and had their own share of children. Years later, she's left her husband behind, taking her daughter Tegen with her, to live the life of an MC whore but one who only belongs to a certain member--Jase. However, Jase is still very much married and still keeping up his not-so-secret affair with Dorothy.When Hawk Young steps in, Dorothy finds herself caught between two very different men and has affairs with both Hawk and Jase. She gets pregnant and everyone believes it to be Jase's but when she gets shot, the truth comes out. To further complicate matters, Dorothy loses her memory, Jase soon gets divorced, and Hawk becomes a nomad of sorts.The story had me hooked from the beginning, and maybe it's because I was already familiar with the back story, since it was played out in the previous books. I actually wanted to skip the second and third books to get to this one but my OC wouldn't allow that so I still read the books in order. :)I'm giving "Unbeloved" 4.5 stars out of five, rounding that rating off to five stars for Goodreads' purposes. :)
Another great book from this author! I can't wait to read ZZ story!
Has well love these books all a different kind of love story
Another fab series. Juicy story lines.
Love it and a must read!!!
It was sweet story
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