Unexpected Fate (2000)
Unexpected Fate (2000)
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HEA and no cheating. He goes off to war after claiming his girl and leaving her much in the same state as her mom was way back when ;) crazy stalker drama starts happening and the boys have to step up. When Cohen gets back from his tour of duty he finds all this craziness and turns uber alpha. I love the protectiveness of these guys. Axel is his usual over protective self but now it's focused on on his little girl. Really good read. I loved Cohen as a child. He was often the bright point or the one that broke the tension in the Corps Security books. Naturally I was looking forward to him in this book, especially to see if he ever got his wiener earrings (LOL). Dani is Axel and Izzy's daughter, who has been in love with Cohen since she was a child. This book deals with loving someone from afar but because of their family's relationship with one another this makes both caution about beginning a relationship. They finally decide to start a relationship up the night before Cohen leaves for deployment which is when the major issues of the book beginning with Dani's stalker and them starting a long distance relationship without beginning able to communicate. The book is kind of predictable but I loved that it was a sweet and kind of simple love story. It held my interest from the beginning and didn't want to put it down. I'm very much looking forward to the next book(s) to see what more is to come from the kids.
Overall book was okay; alpha male over-protectiveness got a bit old, otherwise good read :)
Pretty much what I expected. 3 stars.
Another great read. Thank you Harper
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