Unfixable (2014)
Unfixable (2014)
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Entangled Publishing (Embrace)
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this story is sooo good not just two people who are attracted to each other by lust only . before they slept with each other they tried to understand each other . started to see what the other one hids not just "oh this girls is so sexy i want to f**k her" then after sex vowalaa they can't leave each other ... here i feel how they started to have cruch on each other then love each other. It gives the feeling it isn't just a sexual attraction but something more So this was the perfect new adult read. It had romance, tension, but didn't try to be super deep. Yes, Willa and Shane were damaged in their own ways, but I didn't feel like a ton of time was spent convincing me of their damage. It was more like this is part of who they are, and now let's get with the story. I really loved the tension, and that it took so long for things to build. I also thought it was really sweet the way Shane would do things for Willa when she missed her family. I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars, since it didn't break the mold but was a fun, easy read.
I absolutely loved this book- it just goes to show that the unfixable can be fixed !!
me encantooo *-* excelente libro Shaen hedmosho
3.5 stars
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