Unfurl (2012)
Unfurl (2012)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 5
0983562156 (ISBN13: 9780983562153)
Williams Press
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So glad that I bought this series. I feel in love with it the very day I started reading it. I caught myself always hungering to read it. The last book had the two perspectives which I loved a lot. This series was just amazing.Okay enough with the series as a whole and on to Unfurl. Let's just say I put off classwork and homework to read this book. It's the library of the three which I really like because I love long books because the story lasts longer. I really loved being in Will's head as well as Sam's. My favorite part is when the truth is revealed to Sam's parents. Overall, this book was amazing. Will be reading it again. First let me say that I'd recommend this series to anyone who enjoys YA. I got through RIPPLER in no time, same as UNFURL -- CHAMELEON took a while due to reasons not related to my enjoyment of the book. UNFURL wasn't my favorite of the trilogy. I still enjoyed it, especially reading some of the story from Will's POV, but there were some issues with consistent character voice, pacing, and plot predictability. Which means it gets a rating of four rather than five.
Really LOVED this book, LOVED this whole series!!!!
Satisfying end to a decent series!
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