Urban Homestead (2008)
Urban Homestead (2008)
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This book is a great resource for anyone who is thinking about ways to live more sustainably and resourcefully, particularly if you live in an urban environment, but the information provided in this book is truly applicable to any environment. I would have given it five stars, but I thought that the information provided was more in the form of a broad overview rather than in-depth and step-by-step instructions on how to actually do things. Helpfully, the authors provide a listing of resources for further reading, say, if you wanted to actually attempt any of the things they describe. The best, and most enjoyable part of the book, is just beginning to imagine all the possibilities. Also, I take issue with the book's cover image. Why the "American Gothic" image? It feels very patriarchal to me, and a bit sexist, particularly given that the co-author, who is a woman, is very involved in the book. I thought with the many topics this book covers, it might not be able to get into any real projects. I was wrong! There are some great projects in each of the sections (including some of my favourites on urban farming - as always, raising chickens/ducks/etc, ecological cleaning supplies, biking in the city, foraging for both wild food and a bit on dumpster diving, making your own cheese & butter, and a brief section of making your own alcohol). Of course, with all those topics, it couldn't go totally in-depth on any of them, but the authors also recommend other resources. I like the chatty, often cynical or sarcastic tone that never verges on that super-intense eco-warrior style I've seen online (etc), and has a real tone of hope for the future. All in all, I'd recommend it!
This is the real deal. If you are serious this is the book you get.
A good book if you don't already have a zillion similar books.
A great starting point for self-sufficiency.
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