Valley Forge (2010)
Valley Forge (2010)
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0312591071 (ISBN13: 9780312591076)
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My big takeaway: How did we ever become a country! Not even all the "Americans" wanted it. Divisions among families even just like the Civil War. And all the elites in "Congress" looking out for themselves, jockeying for position instead of taking care of the troops: no housing, no money for clothes, shoes, food!!And I knew we owed it to the French but thought (as most do, per Newt) that we had the upper hand with out "unethical" "guerrilla" warfare. When we really had the winter months only to learn the "European" way: artillery lines and discipline. When I think of the pathetic way the revolutionary war has been taught in American schools, it's not hard to understand why people don't understand the cost of freedom. This book puts faces and personalities on the names we only knew through lists of dates and battles. It's an exciting story, full of intrigue, and completely readable. I recommend it especially for young people who find history boring. It is definitely not a dull story!
Fantastic. I could almost imagine being with the General.
Great book. Anyone should read it.
Ann outstanding read
Very good!!
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