Vampires In America: The Vignettes, Volume 1 (2012)
Vampires in America: The Vignettes, Volume 1 (2012)
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D.B. Reynolds
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Loved it. Made me laugh so much. I didn't really like the holiday ones. I felt like it showed Cyn in a light that I didn't enjoy seeing on her. It showed her to be too needy, relying on Raphael too much and feeling sorry for herself. Also the one with her random others birthday. I get that she was nervous being around her family again. But the way Raphael thought about how cruelly she was treated as a child was terrible. I was quite astounded at this. Yes, she was left to her own devices the majority of the time. But she lived in a nice house, always had food, water, clothes on her back. This isn't cruel. Her birthday was remembered, even if no one was there to celebrate it with her, she was given a gift - more than a lot of children can say. It kind of made me mad to be honest.I skipped over Colin and Sophia's one, I'm not really a fan of Sophia, I don't mind Colin, but they aren't suited IMO. The kidnapping was hilarious. Cyn had me in stitches - that's the cyn I know and love. Taking charge, shooting bad guys, tying people up. She rocked it! My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 unicorns - I really liked it!!I’m starting with things readers usually want to know about. This is a collection of 9 stories most very short, but all part of the Vampires in America series. I had started reading Betrayed, and it mentioned something happening that I never read about. After some research I realized that I hadn’t bought and read these short stories yet, and this is what the missing information was. So I rushed to buy it, and got to reading it!! Some of the short stories are basically just really steamy sex scenes, but not all. If my mom read this book, she would probably fast forward through half of it, but I like those scenes. I’m not a big reader of short stories. My favorite stories in this collection were the longer.As always, D.B. is amazing with her descriptions making all the stories come alive, and I was totally chuckling throughout as the vampire lords freak out at the mates getting together and never knowing what they would get into next together or advise each other about many things. All of my favorite characters were part of these stories which made this that much better :)I highly recommend if you love this series that you have to read this or you will be missing things, and I don’t like to miss anything :) I’m off to read :)
There was no plot in this little vignette. None whatsoever. And that fact bored me to tears.
Fantastic collection of extra little stories of my fave Vampire Lords. So, so good!
So love The Vignettes Vol.1 These stories were hot,sexy and awesome!!
Too much sex and not enough story for me
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