Van Mij Alleen (2013)
Van mij alleen (2013)
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De Boekerij
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my review will be posted tomorrow..... when it's not 12:20 a.m. as it happens to be now lol.Ok, so now that it is a more reasonable time of the day, let me stop to tell you what I thought about this book. There are some books that just come to life when you close your eyes. They play out like they are on the TV screen in front of you. Well this was one of those books. I was always fully engaged in the story. There were many times that I gasped out loud at the horrific scenes playing out on the pages. Thriller this was in deed. Not really sure what my opinion of our lead characters romantic relationship is. It was there and it worked but my focus was always on our killer. I think he stole the stage.I will definitely read more by this author in the future.The one negative I do have with the book is it was a bit busy with the amount of characters point of views we were seeing. It was easy to get lost with the whos who. I prefer to keep a story to 3 or less characters POVs. After reading 500 pages of this book in what seems like an eternity, I only have one thing to say: "Thank God I'm finished with it!" And I had such high hopes...It looked like an interesting book. The reviews were good. The title was good. I liked the blurb. I liked the cover. And it was so bad for me. I struggled to finish it. In the end all I had was a headache. I can't even start to talk about what it was about and what didn't work for me. The headache is getting in the way of my thoughts.Oh, Lucy and J.D, I don't want to see you again. Goodbye.
Really enjoyed this one - a gripping read
3.5 Stars
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