Venomous (2008)
Venomous (2008)
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1416924876 (ISBN13: 9781416924876)
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
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Venomous is an absolute thrill ride full of violence, drugs and some insane new friends. In this book you will be with the main character every step of the way,feeling his loses and his triumphs. Christopher Krovatin has a real original on his hands with this perfect blend of comic book and realistic fiction. He gives us characters we want we knew, he introduces us to friends we wish to have and a tale of two lovers you will be routing for till the very end. Utterly harrowing in its story of anger run amok, “Venomous” portrays its antihero as alternately a victim of his own uncontrollable rages and a pathetic teenager using his inner turmoil as an excuse for his violent behavior. Through straightforward prose, the author shows us a boy barely hanging on by his fingernails; we wait breathlessly for the awful eruption just waiting to happen and fear it at the same time. The little devil of Locke’s raging psyche is an all too uncomfortable reminder of our own inner voices, the ones that urge us to take out our anger on the next jerk who trods on our toes—and shows the bloody consequences of following that advice.This novel is enhanced by illustrations accompanying a running plotline set in the crime-laden world of a superhero called Blacklight, a man with his own demons to conquer. Both a sly parody of the main story and its grim mirror, this addition seems like it could be the launching pad for an independent and equally compelling graphic novel. It remains to be seen whether the author intends to extend this into the comic book medium.
pretty fast past, 85% of the book started to slow down worth reading
Lovely book about anger, violence, and love
This book was pretty goodwink;)
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