Verano (2009)
Verano (2009)
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Random House Mondadori
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Another installment of Coetzee's fictionalized memoirs, "compiled" by a fictional biographer who collects Coetzee's journal entries and interviews (real?) women from Coetzee's past. We don't even know who's fiction and who isn't, which is exactly the point. This book examines the "lines" between "truth" and "fiction," this book makes me want to put everything in quotation marks. This book is its own exposition. The Julia and Sophie chapters were my favorites. Coetzee walks a thin line between self laceration and disingenuous self loathing. Kind of a "I was an asshole then, but surely since I now have the self awareness that negates my earlier crapitude." He even puts the words/knives in the hands of former friends/lovers he has inevitably disappointed over the decades. This being Coetzee, against all odds and reasons it works. I'm beginning to believe he is incapable of writing a bad book despite his best efforts (looking at you "Elizabeth Costello")otherwise, although I haven't read any of his Australian era work. Strongly recommended with the caveat that if you want to hold onto your respect & admiration of 'John' as a lover, this just isn't for you.
Read it one summer - probably 2008. Liked the format, premise and writing
Interesting structure. Coetzee playing a game of chess all by himself.
Maybe I need to read his other books first? It was OK.
Stopped reading
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