Verletzlich (2012)
Verletzlich (2012)
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Ravensburger Taschenbuch
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This wasn't bad exactly I loved the new way of telling a vampire story it was quite unique. I loved the German influence over the vampire mythology that the author uses.This books just a bit dissatisfying the beginning is good and the ending is also great, but once you read the first few chapters you already know the ending if i'm honest and as soon as you meet Sagan you know exactly where their relationship is going. The middle of this book feels like the author is trying to build up suspension for something any reader with half a brain knew was coming.The book also feels like its been written for children but it contains violence and gore that shouldn't be read to children. Its so simple and clunky it was almost a hassle to read it.The essential plot was good but the book is to long and it drags horribly in the middle. Its readable but I wouldn't really want to read it again. ThroatBy: R.A. NelsonPublished~ January 25th 2011Genre~ Horror/Fantasy The Setting is a small town that nobody has ever really heard of. He protagonist, Emma, is an outcast teenager with epilepsy, a seizure disorder. She refers o he disease as ‘the curse’ and blames everything on it. Soccer is everything she cares about and the only reason that her doctor lets her play is because it keeps her mind active. Until a popular stuck up girl and her go for the ball at the same time, and Emma’s head smacks into her shoulder, inducing a seizure. When she wakes up, she Is furious at the girl and breaks her nose. Then she is kicked off the team, and takes her mom’s car when no one is looking, because everyone is fighting and trying to decide if Emma will stay on the team or not. She flies off a bridge and lands in a mud pit in the woods and gets out of the car, miraculously not dying. She finds a cabin and an odd man steps out. He has an odd flap of skin just hanging off of his forehead. He is a vampire, he throws her down, and she slaps him, which is a disgrace to his kind and he almost kills her by taking all her blood, but she has a seizure and the process stops, making Emily have all the powers of a vamp, but not the side effects. No sunlight equaling death, no blood cravings, Nothing but the power. The vamp who turned her keeps visiting her and she has to run away before he founds out where she lives and kills her family. Emma meets some unlikely friends along the way. Sagan, who’s parents work at the NASA base Emma hides out at, and three Sonnen, or vampires who believe the sun can cure them if it erupts. (They are the good kind) However, Emma is up against a whole lot. The vamp who turned her, and his posse. The theme of this piece is I guess that anything is possible if you believe, because Emma faced a bunch of hardships, and sometimes, her epilepsy got in the way of this. But she still manages to work out the kinks in her life and save her family. For example, when Emily was trapped by two vampires, she took out some tools from Home Depot and got to work. When Sagan, her Boyfriend, was taken hostage in the Solar Observatory, she still managed to save his life using one of his favorite movie quotes to get him to fight back. Also, when the Vampire first appeared in her room and she had to get away even though she was in the middle of a seizure. The book was very interesting and I would definitely recommend it to fans not so much of romance, because even though there is a little of that, theres only so much. However, I would recommend this book to people who enjoy gore. Because, there was a LOT of that going around. Also, for fans of suspense and … duh, Vampires. This book is shot at an interesting angle. The Sonnen being very delicate vamps who generally knock their prey out with chloroform and then fed from them and didn’t kill them, but instead they sealed the wound on the neck (shoulder more like) up and put them in a pose that looked like they passed out, as to where the Verloren, or what the vampire that turned Emma is, are very aggressive and just tear into the prey. The quote I chose from the book is actually not just from the book, but also a Clint Eastwood movie. The quote was used a couple of times in the book, so there really is no page number. That, and I already returned the book. Sorry. The quote was “Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?” My favorite part the quote was used was when the Verloren trapped Emily and Sagan in the Solar Observatory. The vampire that turned Emma had Sagan pinned to a table and was killing him. She shouted the quote and he snapped back to reality and pressed a button on the computer that stores the softwear that monitors the sun, which bacsically blinded and hurt the vampires while Emma and Sagan escaped for a while. My relationship with the book would actually fit right in, because even though I am obviously not a vampire with epilepsy, its so relatable. I believe this because all of the characters have their baggage, even the bad vampires. And I think it shows that no matter who you are, even if you are the biggest low life on the entire planet, you have a reason to do what you do. And we all go through awful times, some of us more than others, but hey, that’s inevitable. With Throat, I was pleasantly surprised. Contrary to popular belief, it started kind of slow and I was tempted to put it back on the shelf, but this book was DEFINITLEY worth it. However, I was shocked at the amounts of blood in the book. It was a little much, but that is just fine with me, considering I’m cool with it.
Didn't finish...didn't feel it anymore.. :(
Really terrible book, don't ever read it.
Suspenseful, and kept me on my toes!
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