Vespertine (2011)
Vespertine (2011)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 5
1299892795 (ISBN13: 9781299892798)
Harcourt Brace and Company
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It just didn't wow me. I read it cover to cover and I was really excited about it but the ending climax just didn't feel like a climax. It left me unsatisfied. I think there was more that could have been said before the main character gets kicked out. I mean what was happening in the present part of her life could have been expanded or intensified. It was a bland skiping section that broke the story for me. There was a lot more that could have been done with it and the ideas were great but it just fell flat for me. I think I will get the second one but I am hoping it leaves me with a greater ending than this. Amelia comes to Baltimore to find a suitable husband at her brother's request. However, she finds the exact opposite.Amelia's pride is her biggest enemy. Her pride is huge to her and that ends up to be a problem for her. She also learns that there are more important things to worry about then what to wear and how to act in front of guests. She lives on the wild side of life, falling for a guy who is a fourteenth, someone they pay to show up at dinner parties so that there is an even number. She does this that even her brash cousin Zora doesn't dare to attempt. She surprises herself when does them as well.She doesn't find out that she can see the future until a little later on. I was really surprised the way in which Mitchell took Amelia's gift. I wasn't expecting that. Amelia doesn't really do anything wrong as she doesn't take money for her seeings and she tells it like it is. However, its went Amelia sees bad things. Then there becomes a problem. The way that Amelia's gift is dealt with is very different but consistent with the time period.I did really enjoy this book. I thought that it had the perfect blend of rebellion, romance and paranormal.
Off topic, but I've seen this cover on three different books now!
Like A Great and Terrible Beauty, only less gross.
Lame. Don't waste your time
soooo boring
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