Viper's Book (2000)
Viper's Book (2000)
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SPOILERSI seriously did not expect to cry in this book, and not in the first few pages (so to speak). Then I cried again a little further into the book. I was pissed. In the books with Kacie and Brody, Viper was this hysterical, comedic entity. And here I was, crying!!!!! It was truly heart wrenching to see such a crazy, fun-loving character so broken! I for sure thought the preface was to do with his childhood or youth-- a way to explain why he was the way he was... I was seriously devastated. And then, the thing with Darla. I was sure those two would end up together. I guess I gotta stop being so sure about things!I will say that I really liked this book. It was so very good. I felt the emotions of the characters. I felt the joy and pain. I loved Gam. I loved Viper. I loved that there wasn't any miscommunication over some issue that didn't really exist. I love how Michelle and Viper chose to remember Mike and preserve those memories for his son.It really was an outstanding book-- so not what I expected, but totally worth the read! I guess I'm in the minority on this one because I found it to be just an ok read. The hero was a total manwhore. I also just didn't like how this plot played out. It didn't feel realistic and it never really had any spark for me. The story and characters just felt fictitious and flat. Not one I'd personally recommend.The only character I genuinely enjoyed was the grandmother. All the others just felt fake.
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