Vitro (2014)
Vitro (2014)
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1595146059 (ISBN13: 9781595146052)
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I’ve read all three of the Corpus books now, and I have to say, Vitro is my least favorite. Loved the premise, the story took off from the first page and jumped right into the action – then it just seemed to lose steam. Not that this was a bad book by any means, but for me, it just didn't rise to the heights of the other two.The scientific aspects of this story just fascinated me – throw genetic engineering into the equation, and you usually have my undivided attention. I thought having an island as the setting added to the intensity of the plot – there are only so many places you can go, and options for help and escape are very limited. Jim’s sense of humor and his ‘go with the flow’ attitude gave me some laughs, and you really had to feel for the guy, because doing a favor for an old friend with a pretty face probably gave him the crappiest days of his life.Somewhere around the middle, the story lost its pace and the ending seemed prolonged and a little predictable. There were a few twists and revealed secrets, but the last half of the book wasn't as compelling as the first.Although there are three books in the Corpus series, all are stand alones and don’t need to be read in order. I’m hoping the author continues with this series in the future – there are so many directions she could take and I’m anxious to see what’s next. I love science fiction books. This book has a lot of unexpected plot twists and emotional factors between Sophie and her mother. One day Sophie Crue receives an email from her mother telling her to come to Skin Island asap and to not reply to the email. Sophie has not seen her mother in years because she was always working on this mysterious island finding cures for mental health diseases, or Sophie thought. She and her childhood friend goes to Skin Island and discovers the truth about what her mother has been doing and what she and other scientists have been creating all this time. Sophie and Jim later try to get off the island but they have trouble doing so because they already know too much. I won't go into further detail because I don't want to spoil the book for you but I suggest you read this book if you like sci-fi and suspense.
A few too many discrepancies but the plotting was ok. Liked Sophie the young protagonist.
I liked this science fiction book. It was a nice book with some action and not to scary.
3.8 stars: Lux is the only interesting character here but I enjoyed the adventure-part.
Starts out interesting and then goes off on multiple stories that it gets old.
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