Vogelherz (2014)
Vogelherz (2014)
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Fischer Sauerländer
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this book was so amazing. I picked it up on sale and thought well this will be a good book to read in between new releases. SO I was running low on new reading material and decided to give it a go. By far the most original book I have ever read. The only thing vaguely similar is it may have some deep roots in the swan maiden or swan princess tales. The sibling rivalry was so genuine and the feeling of being the favored child or the child who unexpectedly shows talent was so interesting and relatable. The characters were strong and the book was filled with strong women heroes and villains. I think this will be one of those books that stays with me and haunts me for the rest of my life. It was mystical, fantastical, imaginative and finely crafted with a precise and thoughtful writing style. The story is too complex to easily summarize, but in a nutshell the plot follows two young girls, whose parents disappear from the family home one night, and the harrowing adventures that ensue as the girls try to find their parents and bring them home. With recurring themes of finding oneself, staying true to oneself, looking for truth even while learning that truth can look different and be different for different people, this story is bittersweet, even painful to read at times, uplifting at others. As a previous reviewer mentioned, despite the fantastical nature of the book, the emotional core of the book rings very true - there are no easy answers and tidy, happy endings for the characters in the book - just like in real life. But just like in real life, family, love and being true to oneself are at the center of this enriching, powerful story.
Lovely prose, but I didn't really connect with the characters.
This book is why fantasy is not my favorite!
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