Vrees Het Ergste (2013)
Vrees het ergste (2013)
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SPOILER ALERT----------Okay, so Vol. 17 contained comic #100 - the comic in which they kill off Glenn. I hated to see this. Glenn has been one of my favorite characters - in both the show and comics - since day one. He embodies "good" and even when things seemed hopeless, Glenn was there ready to try. He always gave his all for the group. I hated that he had to die, and I hated how it was random and senseless and so brutal. I really hope that Negan gets what's coming to him as the storyline progresses.Anyhow, I'm only two comics away from being caught up to this series in real life, so I'll be hitting my local shop to snag those babies. I've got several new graphic novels I'm diving into, as well as Life of Pi and a few others books that have been hollering at me. THIS SHIT GOT AWESOME AGAIN.Obviously while I'm moving from volume to volume my ratings go up and down. I gradually start to get bored and then it'll pick back up again and that's what just happened with this volume. I was getting bored in the last one and this one... it was painful. Painful in that, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING GRAAAAA!!" kind of painful. This volume brought out a whole new level of terrible. It hurt my heart, but I wanted it to last forever.
These just get better and better. Can't wait to pick up the next ones
It's getting a little repetitive....
Negan, dude, I love you.
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