Vuurtorenwachter (2009)
Vuurtorenwachter (2009)
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I have added this book to the Goodreads library myself. I had to leave out the ISBN as I was told it belonged to one of the Chronicles of Narnia. I note that the whole ISBN was not noted in the error message. This is a 2013 trade paperback publication by HarperCollins. ISBN is 978-0-00-741955-5. Lackberg's copyright is from 2009. According to the list of books in the front of this book, it should be #7 in the series. I am astonished that the book hasn't already been included given Lackberg's own popularity and the popularity of this series.As with The Stonecutter, there is an old story mixed in with the new and they mesh well at the end. I found this book to be not quite as tautly written as The Stonecutter but I was still pleased that the murderer didn't become apparent until the book was almost finished. The major characters had had lots happen since the time of The Stonecutter and I enjoyed catching up with all of them. I learned more of their backgrounds with this book and I liked how Lackberg made their lives an integral part of the story. I can see her using these characters in many more books in this series. I am looking forward to finding the other books in the series and to the translation of any of her new work in this series. (SOME SPOILERY STUFF) Leave plenty of space between reads of Camilla Lackberg's books. The first in the series, The Ice Princess had me interested in the two main characters enough to read the next few books, but after I finish each one I wonder why I go back. Probably hoping it will move away from the family drama themes and go back to the clever crime plots and policing.The Lost Boy has a resolution that will stay with you as a reminder of the book but that doesn't compensate for the hard slog getting through all the various stories and trying to remember whats going on. There are at least four abused women as main characters...let me say right now, there were far too many strands of the story! It is unnecessarily convoluted, complicated and sometimes tediously slow. I love having several strands to a story usually but the similarity of the women's stories made it hard to keep up. There is little suspense other than hoping the women who are or have been abused escape. The police investigation is very slow and plodding but that doesn't always make a bad story, think of Sowall/Wahloo, but it doesn't have their finesse and the author doesn't let you care much about anyone especially now the two original characters Erika and Patrik. I have never liked to ongoing saga of Erika, the supposed author, who spends all her time moaning about how hard parenting is, how she is always teetering on the edge of emotion, and now her bloody boring sister, Anna is in on the victim act too. This over emotional stuff isn't why I read crime novels. Someone like Karen Alvtegen seems to get the balance better. The main premise is really very good, but even that idea was not fully explored, it was used more perhaps for shock value than the proper psychological portrait it could have been.I don't mean to bag the author, obviously I finished the book, partly out of respect for her, its just frustrating when a book is close to being good, just not quite there.
It's a good story but there are too many characters mentioned to really follow the story.
Not as good as previous books but I still enjoyed it
One of her best!
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